The Chelmsford Essex Mercedes Benz Spotter

As you can imagine I have spotted a number of other Mercedes in the Chelmsford area. The top picks that I have seen include my very own Mercedes AMG GTS and the Mercedes SLS. Along with the Mercedes AMG GTS and the Mercedes SLS I have seen many more dynamic, stylish and luxurious models.

Mercedes AMG GTS

I once spotted a very classy looking Mercedes S class coupe in good old Essex. It is a 2 door coupe but it has 4 seats on the inside. The Mercedes S – Class coupe has a 5.5-litre biturbo V8 enine. It is a bit big for an average coupe but it looks sleek and sophisticated that makes it look smart and from a James Bond movie.

Mercedes S - Class coupe

Another Mercedes work of art that I seen cruising through Chelmsford was the Mercedes E – class estate. I like this Mercedes because it is a nice, spacious, comfortable car that is easy to drive. It would be the perfect car for a Sunday spin through Essex with the wife and kids. It is a car you can trust and is reliable.

Mercedes E - class estate

For when the weather is good have a look at the Mercedes C- Class Cabriolet. I once spotted this Mercedes on a beautiful summers day. It has a convertible roof which makes it very visually appealing. I don’t think this is a family car, I believe it would be more suited to a single bachelor or bachelorette.

If you want to be a top boy like myself, then you need a top motor. Of course I am going to recommend Mercedes Benz. Look at the Mercedes logo. All around the world it is a timeless symbol associated with class and excellence. You can wear this as a badge of honor when driving around Chelmsford. Lets take a look at where you can pick up one of these dynamic and stylish cars.

Mercedes Dealers

#1 Mercedes-Benz Chelmsford

The first Mercedes dealership up is simple called Mercedes-Benz of Chelmsford. Located at 3 White Hart Lane, Springfield, Chelmsford, this one should be an easy find! It is open everyday of the week from Monday to Sunday. They have a big and specious showroom along with a forecourt to show off both new and used beautiful Mercedes cars.

#2 Waterhouse Cars

The next Mercedes dealership is called Waterhouse Cars. Waterhouse Cars dealership is located at Waterhouse Business Park2-8 Baynes Place Chelmsford, Essex. It is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Waterhouse Cars Mercedes car dealership is a family owned business which specializes in Mercedes Benz.  Just like the first mentioned, Waterhouse Cars also has a state of the art show room. Waterhouse Cars is easy to reach from all areas of Essex.

Car Maintenance

A lot of people ask me where to get your Mercedes serviced in the Chelmsford, Essex area. You have plenty of options of where to go:

#1 Peter Mould Workshop

You can get your Mercedes car serviced at PMW Ltd. which has recently moved location to 7 Atholl Road, Dukes Park Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM2 6TB. PMW Ltd is open from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday. PMW Ltd. offers Mercedes servicing in Chelmsford, Essex, and maintenance including checking the breaks which is critical in staying safe when driving your car.

#2 Mercedes-Benz of Chelmsford

You can get your Mercedes serviced at the dealer. Which is located at 3 White Hart Lane, Springfield, Chelmsford. At Mercedes-Benz of Chelmsford. Offering high quality service and a very comfortable state of the art waiting room with free WIFI, a work space area and lots of refreshments on site.

#3 Waterhouse Cars

Another place you can get your Mercedes serviced at is Waterhouse Cars. Waterhouse Cars is located at Waterhouse Business Park 2-8 Baynes Place Chelmsford, Essex. It is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Waterhouse  offers seasonal car checkups, MOTs and repairs at the same location. It’s a family owned business which specializes in Mercedes Benz.  Just like the other two they also has a state of the art show room. Waterhouse Cars is easy to reach from all areas of Essex.

Tuning Your Car

A lot of the younger generation and sports car enthusiasts enjoy having their car tuned so they can think they think they are Stirling Moss when they are driving around in their Mercedes at the weekend.

In case you are wondering what the phrase car tuning means, it is when you modify your car. You can modify your car for performance or appearance and you can also tune it to personalize and custom your car.

If you wanted to tune your car for performance you could do things to improve the power, make the car better for driving, or make the handling better.

If you wanted to improve your cars performance by car tuning you can change the transmission.

Changing the transmission of your car can improve the acceleration of your car. It will also reduce the time between gear changes.

A very popular car modification is to change the tires or the rims

Changing the tires or the rims of your car is not only an aesthetic modification, it can also improve the the performance and handling of your car.

The choice of tires largely depends on the road or weather conditions. In good old Chelmsford the quality of the roads are good but it can sometimes rain cats and dogs here as you can imagine.

In wet weather conditions you would want to have a set of tires that has good grip on the roads which will help with the cars handling.

If you are looking your car tuned or modified for performance or appearance there are a number of places you can go to get it done here.

#1 TDI – Tuning

TDI – Tuning is located in Chelmsford Essex at Unit 223 Waterhouse Business Centre Cromar Way. They are open from Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sunday. At TDI – Tuning , they specialize in installing tuning boxes into your cars engine. The tuning box is a plug in system that will help improve the engines power and can call help improve the engines fuel efficiency. If you have your car that was made after 1998 the TDI Tuning box can be installed in your car. The plug in system can be installed very quickly, taking about 10 minutes to install. It is believed to be a better option installing the TDI system than to get remapping done on your car. If you are looking for a TDI tuning system installed in the Chelmsford Essex area then check out TDI – Tuning.

#2 KEE Automotive

Another place you can go to in Chelmsford, Essex if you want your car tuned or modified for performance or appearance is called KEE Automotive. KEE Automotive is located in KEE Automotive Ltd,  Unit 7B, Reeds Farm Estate, Writtle, Chelmsford. It has many car tuning options available but KEE Automotive sspecializes in the design of electrical distribution systems and wiring looms for the automobiles. If you would like your car tuned at KEE Automotive they offer remapping and car tuning here and power tuning which will increase the cars power and torque.  They say it increases both power gains and improved fuel economy, which will save you money in the long run.

In Conclusion

Being the Chelmsford top boy a lot of people ask me why they should choose Mercedes over other car brands. Personally, I feel that Mercedes offers great value for money as well as great performance. When you pick Mercedes you have a very wide and extensive range of models to choose from. This extensive range of models includes the dynamic A-class models to the luxurious E – class models. I believe that  Mercedes offers an appealing model for everyone to choose from.